OUR History:
The Company has been founded in 2001, having its base activity from 2006. Today we cover all what means cattle: milk production, feed conservation and sales of service related products.
... and this is just the beginning ...

OUR Values:
Operational excellence
Our values are just like us. We are hard working and we celebrate our diversity. We are passionate about our business promoting a positive, optimistic and fun environment. We love success. We focus on operating excellence to deliver a full operating and financial potential to our company.

Responsibility for quality
We take responsibility for quality being dedicated to satisfy our customers. We build trust and confidence by delivering outstanding quality products and services which add real value to our customers' businesses.

Our people
Our people are our greatest assets. Here, at Fauna, the relationship between people and leaders is based upon a mutual benefit. We focus on clear expectations of our people and align these expectations with value contribution to the Company. People deliver value to customers; customers bring growth to the business and growth offers opportunities to our people.

Our Charity
Environment protection
We are committed to our incredible planet. Whilst we add value to our customers' businesses we are helping the environment to stay beautiful too.



 Raw milk dispensers
       130l - 200l

 Pet distributors
  Raw milk dispensers
       400l - 600l

  Fresh products






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